'Poison Prevention: A Must for a Better Quality of Life

MAY 31- JUNE 1, 2008


Keynote Speaker
  Medications as Poisons and Vice Versa,
  Professor, the Honorable, Errol Morrison,
University of Technology, Jamaica
Session 1
Implications of Self Medication
Dr. Sonia Davidson, MD
General Practitioner, Public Health Specialist and Wellness Consultant

Herbal Remedies: Interactions with Conventional Drugs. Be Careful!!! -

Dr. Arkene Levy,
Pharmacology Section, BMS, UWI
Herbs-Safety in Use
  Dr. Winsome B. Christie, N.D. RPh, BPharm
Session 2
Introduction to Pharmacovigilance
  Mr. Francis Burnett
Toxic Effects of Household Products
Dr. Lucette Cargill
Department of Government Chemist, Hope Gardens
Session 3
  Accidental Pesticide Poisoning
  Mrs. Andrea Tucker
  Use of Pesticides at the Farm Level
  Mrs. Marina Young,
Senior Plant Health /Food Safety Specialist, Technology, Training & Technical Information Division, RADA
Session 4
  Drug-Herb-Nutrient Interactions
  Dr. Dorothea Dayley B.Sc., M.Sc., BS.
Medication Errors
  Dr. Eugenie Brown-Myrie
Dean, Faculty of Health and Applied Science, UTech
Session 5

The "PharmWatch" Programme
Challenges to Engaging the Community Pharmacists Island-wide

  Dr..Maxine Gossell-Williams, PhD
Pharmacology Section, Department of Basic Medical Sciences, UWI.
  Future Wave - Application of e-Tools in Poison Management

Dr. Daniel Sarpong Ph.D.

  Contribution of Counterfeit Medicine to Toxicity
  Dr. Sarafadeen Adebayo, Ph.D. MFIP, MAPV.
Session 6
  Counterfeit Medicines and Regulatory Systems in Place to Safeguard the Public
  Mrs. Princess Thomas Osbourne,
  Toxicology and Management of Acetaminophen Overdose
  Mr. Christopher S.G. Murray, B.Pharm., M.Phil. Pharmacology.




Helen Malcolm (Moderator); Dr. Dorothea Dayley Dr. Eugenie
Dr. Mearle Barrett (Moderator) Dr. Maxine Gossell-Williams Dr. Daniel Sarpong
Dr. Adebayo   Mrs. Princess Thomas-Osbourne Mr. Christopher Murray.

Miss Claudette Hobbins