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ABOUT CARPIN, the CARibbean Poison Information Network

CARPIN’S Mission is to:
      Make poison information readily available
      Create general awareness of poisoning and the    associated dangers and how to manage poison cases.

      Increased poison awareness within the Caribbean. Ø      Implementation of poison prevention strategies.

Ø      Provision of accurate information on poison

management in a timely manner.

The Network aims at setting up Sentinel sites through-out Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean region where data will be collected. Incidences of poisoning are forwarded to the nerve centre. It is designed to attract participants and organizations, nationally, regionally and internationally, through these Sentinel sites that will re­port, disseminate information and participate in other activities.              ...... chart

Management Committee                       ...... more

Project Manager:

Mr. Michael Tucker
Dr. Jean Williams-Johnson
Sherika Whitelocke-Ballingisngh

CARPIN Background and Fact Sheet      ...... more
The Regional Nerve Centre of the Caribbean Poison Information Network, a multisectorial initiative, is located in the Drug Information Service (DIS) in the Faculty of Health and Applied Science on the ground floor. The initiative is the result of over five (5) years of collaboration among several stakeholders in the health and education sectors.

 GENESIS and HISTORY:                              ....... more
The concept of a Poison Information Center originated in the year 2000, from the collaborative work of the Authors of a book title “Poisonous Plants of Jamaica”. Dr. Henry Lowe, Professor Errol Morrison, Professor Kenneth Magnus and Ellen Campbell-Grizzle were the authors.


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Contact CARPIN at:

University of Technology, (UTech)
Faculty of Health and Applied Science

237 Old Hope Road,          Kingston 6.

Telephone:  (876) 927-1680   ext 2300
Toll Free:     1-888-POISONS,    1-888-764-7667


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